The Anxious Child

One of the most common reasons that parents contact a child psychologist is for help in dealing with an anxious child.  When a child is anxious his or her clearly visible distress is felt by parents, but not always understood.  The child is often fearful about situations that had never even crossed this parent’s mind as a problem when he or she was a child.  Good advice that parents may give on how to deal with anxiety-provoking situations is often not taken up by the child and the pain seems to grow year by year. [Read more…]

Working Through Grief

We spend much of our lives working towards having great relationships, a good job, a comfortable home, nice possessions, and all those things that make life rich and meaningful.  But what happens when we suddenly lose one of them?  Grief is as natural to every person as breathing.  It is inevitable.

Loss comes in many forms.  It might be the death of someone you love, a best friend moving away, losing your job, having your car written off, your marriage breaking down, losing your house, or even realising that something you were looking forward to just isn’t going to happen.  Everyone feels their loss in a different way, and if you don’t react in the same way as someone else it does not mean that there is something wrong with you (or with them).  Some losses are experienced as deep despair, others as a tragedy, and some strike us with feelings of panic.  However, many people tend to follow a general pattern after a loss and work through a range of emotions. [Read more….]

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Psychology in Gold Coast

A person who is comfortable with who they are and believes in their own abilities has much fewer problems in life.  Every parent would like to bring their child up with self-confidence, to avoid being the target of bullies, to have good friends, to be able to resist peer pressure, to have a go at a variety of activities, and to achieve what they are capable of doing.  Some children are naturally shy, hesitant to try things, a bit anxious and limited in some abilities.  So how can you encourage your child to become self-confident? [Read more…]