Dr Siavash Bandarian-Balooch

Psychologist, Dr Siavash Bandarian-Balooch (Dr Sia) is a practitioner at our northern Psychologist Gold Coast practice of Goldwyn Lane.  He is fully registered to practice as a psychologist throughout Australia, is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and currently serves on the committee of the Gold Coast Psychologist, Dr Siavash Bandarian-Balooch (Sia) Northern Gold CoastBranch of the APS.  Sia has recently completed his PhD research, which focused on fear and anxiety learning, and effective treatments with long-term benefits.  He is now engaged as a post-doctoral research fellow at Griffith University Gold Coast campus where he is researching improved treatments of migraines and tension type headaches.   Sia’s main clinical focus and research interests are behavioural short-term treatments of anxiety, migraines and headaches, depression, and emotion regulation. 

Sia works with children, parents, adult individuals, couples and families.   Many of the clients Sia works with have been struggling with anxiety, trauma, depression, anger, ADHD, guilt, self-hatred, poor social skills, poor self-esteem, relationship problems, loneliness and cultural integration.   He especially enjoys working with children and adults who are looking to more fully experience a range of human emotions, thoughts, fantasies, beliefs, and relationships.   Moreover, Sia is able to work with a range of clients from different cultural backgrounds, as he is proficient in Farsi, Swedish, Norwegian and English, and he also speaks intermediate level French and Spanish. 

Sia believes that a friendly, open, and non-judgemental approach to therapy is the key to establishing good rapport between himself and his clients.  Sia also believes that therapy brings the best results when the client has strong and healthy goals, and is willing to assist clients in reaching these healthy goals.  Sia further believes that all clients deserve unconditional positive regard, and works towards consistently displaying this in therapy.  Combining the two elements, his work frequently involves the use of a variety of techniques with origins in behavioural therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy (mostly short term), and Rogerian Therapy.   

Sia wants his therapy to regularly involve experiences of the full spectrum of human emotion, and his personal philosophy is that life is lived to its fullest when all feelings can be readily experienced without added negative judgement.