The opinion of an expert is often requested by those considering a person’s claims or deciding on legal matters.  Here at Goldwyn Lane we provide psychologist reports as requested to individuals, solicitors or doctors.  These reports can vary from a short Medical Certificate to support a worker or student with exemptions due to mental health issues, to a lengthy report to the Family Law Court to help decide on custody of a child.

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Types of Reports

Work Cover

A person becoming stressed or depressed by what has occurred in the workplace is deemed to have suffered a psychological injury.  However, unlike a broken leg or a stitched head, this injury is not easily seen.  This leaves a person in a position of having to establish that they do have an injury, often in the face of doubts and accusations of “bunging it on.”  At Goldwyn Lane the worker is assessed by a professional psychologist, and if she concludes that the worker does have a legitimate injury she can submit a report to that effect to the worker’s doctor or case worker.  All requests for assessment must be first approved by the worker’s doctor who is managing the Work Cover claim.


A person may also become stressed or depressed from a variety of traumatic situations other than the workplace, where they may wish to claim compensation or assistance with costs.  These situations can include motor vehicle accidents, criminal incidents, natural disasters, childhood sexual abuse, institutional residency, or military combat.  At Goldwyn Lane the person is assessed by a professional psychologist, and if she concludes that the client has a psychological injury she can submit a report to that effect to the person’s doctor, solicitor or insurance company.

Family Law

At Goldwyn Lane we provide counselling, mediation and court reports as part of our Family Law  services.  Mediation agreements can be written up and a copy given to each of the parents, but these are not legally binding until lodged with the Family Court.  If a family cannot reach agreement by any of the negotiation processes then the dispute is put before a magistrate at the Family Court.  If the process becomes “stuck” we can provide a comprehensive assessment of individual family members or all parties involved, and write a report for the Family Court.  Medic0-legal reports that assess one parent or both for fitness to care for the children can also be provided.


A person facing criminal charges is sometimes assessed for mental stability.  At Goldwyn Lane we are fully qualified to administer forensic assessments to check for possible clinical pathology and to provide a written report of the psychological profile to inform the court.