Clinical Psychopathology Gold CoastMost clients who are referred to Goldwyn Lane by their doctors are assessed in the first or second session for levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress.  The results of this testing helps the psychologist understand where the client’s problem might be coming from.  Once known, therapy can be tailored to meet the client’s need, cutting out unnecessary extra sessions.  This assessment is free as part of the consultation.

Clients who wish to understand themselves better often complete a personality test.  The test administered at this practice is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  It is especially useful in assisting with career choices, or understanding ones self in personal relationships, or in the workplace.  Couples who come for relationship counselling often complete the MBTI, as do people who are looking for a mid-life career change, or those who want to work better with a diversity of workmates.  The test helps identify character traits, such as whether people are extravert or introvert, whether they are organised or spontaneous, whether they are practical or creative, etc.  Various combinations of different levels of these characteristics result in each individual’s personality.  Clients take away a four-page description of themselves for future reference.  There is a small fee for this assessment.

A test for clinical psychopathology is also available.  People who complete this test are usually going through a legal case.  Sometimes they are parents in dispute over a child who have doubts about one another’s capability of caring for the child.  On other occasions it is taken by people facing criminal charges where there are questions around their mental functioning.  The test administered at Goldwyn Lane is the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).  It is a very highly regarded test because the results are almost impossible to fake.  There are over 300 questions to answer, containing 4 different lie detectors to catch out people who try to misrepresent themselves.  Results of the test are first discussed with the client, and then a report is written up for the referring solicitor.  The full assessment requires a session with the psychologist before the test to take a history, the testing, and after it is computer scored, a follow-up session with the psychologist to check the results.  There is a more substantial cost for the full assessment.  Please contact Goldwyn Lane to enquire.

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