About Wendy Gollan – Psychologist Gold Coast

Wendy Gollan - Registered Psychologist in Gold CoastWendy Gollan – Psychologist Gold Coast – is the founding principal of Goldwyn Lane Health Care.  She is fully registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia and AHPRA to practice as a psychologist throughout Australia and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. Immediately before moving to Queensland Wendy was operating her own private psychology practice in Victoria, which she had founded and developed into a successful full-time practice.  Prior to this Wendy had been employed by another very experienced private practitioner for eight years, and had also spent eight years working as a psychologist for the federal government.  Psychology is Wendy’s second career, the first being as a primary school teacher.

Wendy is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, and currently serves as Treasurer for the Gold Coast Branch of the APS.

Wendy is registered as a Medicare provider (Provider No: 2585222X), and is also registered with Work Cover, Comcare and with DVA.

Many of the clients Wendy works with are people who are struggling with anxiety, including panic attacks, phobias, excessive worry, or acute distress following a traumatic event.  Clients weighed down by depression, whether as a result of bumping into a life situation that seems too hard, or having had a long-term struggle with depression are readily helped by therapy sessions with Wendy, as are clients who are suffering from stress.  She also assists clients transition through times of grief and loss.  Life’s problems can often cause disturbance to a person’s  sleep, but when the problem has passed sleep does not return to normal.  Wendy can help resolve this too.

Wendy works with individuals, with couples and with families.  She enjoys counselling couples who are looking to improve their relationships, but is also well-positioned to assist families who are facing separation, and help them and their children to negotiate a smooth transition to their new lives. Wendy is registered to work with WorkCover clients, and is experienced in writing medico-legal reports to assist clients with presenting their case for court, claiming appropriate compensation or access to rehabilitation services.  This service extends to road accident victims, victims of crime, people who grew up in institutional care, and clients who are either required to attend court, or have put their own case before the courts.  Wendy is able to conduct mental health assessments and provide written reports for legal bodies.

Good rapport between a client and his/her psychologist is the best predictor of a successful outcome.  Wendy believes that every person has a good heart regardless of how life has treated them.  She takes the time to understand each person and find a pathway that suits them well.  Having said that Wendy also believes it is important to find workable solutions quite quickly so that people are not spending excessive time in therapy.  She focuses on getting some immediate wins for the clients so that they quickly start to feel in charge of their lives again.  Therapy continues until the client feels he/she is ready to manage on his/her own.Wendy uses an eclectic mix of therapies, depending on what the client finds comfortable and responds well to. These include:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy( CBT)
Brief Solution Focused Therapy
Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)
Acceptance & Commitment (ACT)
Psychodynamic techniques
Dream Analysis
Mindfulness based therapy
Family therapy

Wendy is keen to be constantly learning new ways to help people and to share that with others.  She believes that each of us has been appointed a purpose in life, and has accepted the mantle “to heal the broken-hearted, set the captives free, open prison doors and make the blind to see.”